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Congratulations on your website by Eileen Greenwood nee Shaw of Castledawson from Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
06. September 2009
Eileen Greenwood nee Shaw of Castledawson would like to congratulate Magherafelt Parish on their website. I especially like reading about St. Patrick's church in Castledawson. I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to anybody who knew me from New Row school. I left to come to America in 1958. My brother was the late Pat Shaw.
Thank You by Naomi Marshall from Magherafelt/Castledawson
03. September 2009
Thank you to all invovled in each Mass,Thank you to Fr. Gates For Your Amazing Holy Hour on 3rd of September 2009 it was lovely so Thank you x
:- ) by Orla Kielt from Magherafelt
31. August 2009
Very nice website and well done to all who took the time and effort to set it up! Cant go without saying how well Fr.Moore looks in the photo, as he always does! ;-)
Congratulations by Roddy Keenan from church st.
27. August 2009
I just want to say how impressed I am with the new web site Damien Walls has been telling me how beautiful the new Parish centre is and Mum and myself are dying to see it .
Fantastic! by Sarah & Yunus Tutal from Turkey
25. August 2009
A great website with easy to follow links. Well done to all involved.
congratulations by john moore from magherafelt
23. August 2009
well done to everyone involved in the website and parish hall. just a small note to parishners that in heaven on earth shop in king street they have fridge magnets of st johns chapel milltowm +church of the assumption
Excellent Website! by Noel Farry and family from Armagh
13. August 2009
Congratulations to Father John and all the team for an excellent, colourful, informative site.
Wonderful to visit by Thomas Johnston from birmingham england
11. August 2009
It is wonderful to visit and look via the web I will be dropping in often. Thomas Johnston, Birmingham
Congrats by Elizabeth Bradley from Magherafelt
11. August 2009
Having browsed our new website I am both privileged and grateful to be a parishoner in Magherafelt Parish.Congratulations and thank you to all those involved.
A good achievement by Fr. Eamon Murray from St Margaret of Scotland Parish, Luton.
08. August 2009
An excellent web site that is beautifully presented and a wealth of information. It is a credit to the parish, particularly to those who helped in its construction. God bless.
Congratulations by Fr. Paddy Rushe from Dundalk
06. August 2009
To all connected with the development of this new website, well done. It's bright and colourful, easy to navigate, and full of information which is presented in a easy to read format, with plenty of photographs. Well done to all in the Parish,, and yet again to Catholic Ireland through its getonline service, which has done a splendid job.
Well Done. by James Mc.Corry. from Magherafelt.
01. August 2009
Just wonderful to see such a terrific Much credit must be given to all those involved in such a time consuming exercise.James Mc.Corry.
Site by Grainne Dutton from Cheadle Hulme Manchester
31. July 2009
Well done. I think this is a really brilliant website, especially for those of us who are away from home. I can now keep up-to-date with all parish news. Congratulations. Grainne Dutton
Congrats by Roddy O'Kane from Otley,Leeds
29. July 2009
Congratulations! - this is a truly great website. I especially enjoyed the parish history section and the slide shows of the churches are beautiful & vey innovative. It was also good to see my old Alma Mater - St. Mary's- looking so well. I shall be home on a visit soon & hope to see the new Centre. Once again. well done to everyone involved. Roddy O'Kane.
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